Thursday, 12 April 2018

Unique Features Of BlackCasino That Sets It Apart From The Crowd

Hello everyone, I recently wrote an article about Black Casino, a unique peer-to-peer/Gaming platform that was recently introduced to the public.

In the last post, I didn't really cover all the features of the platform, the unique recommitment and all.
So you might have been wondering what puts BlackCasino apart from all the other crowdfunding projects out there.

The following features have been put in place to ensure that the platform last longer.
• 30 days Maturity period
• A recommitment policy to ensure recycling.

The 30-day maturity period was set to ensure that there's enough breathing time for the platform as opposed to the regular shorter 14/16-days maturity period that puts excessive pressure on the system which is really unhealthy.

The recommitment policy also helps safeguard the health of the platform.
As we all know, for a crowdfunding project to florish the participants have to keep donating to keep the money flowing.
And the recommitment ensure that it flowing.
To be eligible to receive your payment, you have to recommitment and pay 50% of your next donation.

I believe with these features alongside the casino games, Black Casino has a big chance of surviving.

To register on Black Casino and enjoy all it's benefits, click here.