Sunday, 24 December 2017

Facebook Introduces Snooze Feature Allowing You To Mute Unwanted Friends

If you follow happenings on Facebook, Whatsapp and other Zuckerberg companies, you would know that there is a similar thing between them which is regular updates and introduction of new features.

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As usual, Facebook is now rolling out a new feature called the Snooze feature to all users after a period of testing which occurred back in September. The new feature allows you mute a friend, page, or group for 30 days. Within this period, you would not see any of their updates on your News Feed.

facebook snooze option

Personally, I think this feature is really needed because certain people on my timeline are starting to talk about things that are of absolutely no interest to me while some updates are just really annoying, at least this will reduce the torture i have to go through everyday reading these updates.

I know what you're thinking ("Why don't I just unfriend them, right?) The thing is I don't want be seen as the guy that unfriends/blocks people on Facebook but most importantly I just to lazy to locate and press the "unfriend button".

However, if you're not like me and you actually have the time to unfriend someone, then you can stick with that.

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