Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Get 100% Return Of Your Donations In 16 days With Treasureminers

TreasureMiners is a revolutionary peer-to-peer platform that offers financial opportunities to her participants in a bid to establish independence.
TreasureMiners is a result of frantic, consistent brainstorming, we have carefully reviewed the reasons for the failure of other peer-to-peer platforms and carefully come up with a system that we believe will rise above the mistake of others.


TreasureMiners is a well-designed Peer-2-peer donation platform that is built to last. It is very disheartening and unfortunate that most of us have lost huge amount of money in one hit-and-run ponzi scheme or the other, this is the chance to get your losses back.

TreasureMiners will officially launch on October 1st 2017.

Key Features Of TreasureMINERS

  • 100% of your donation in 16days in local currency (No bitcoin).
  • Strong recommitment policy
  • 20% down payment to kick out fake participants
  • 48hrs time frame for payments
  • Active support
  • Minimum donation of 10k and maximum of 500k

How Does TreasureMiners Really Work?

TreasureMiners Offers 100% Return On Investments in 16 days. Immediately you "Donate Treasures", you'd be matched to pay 20% of your total donation, after the 20% has been confirmed, you'll be matched to pay the remaining 80% anytime.

The system has a Recommitment policy of 50% of your previous donation before Mining.

On your withdrawal date you'll be required to recommit 50% of your previous donation in this process 20% first then the remaining 30% will be matched almost immediately after that you'll be matched to Mine the 100% after which you'd be required to complete the remaining 50% anytime within 16days.



WEBSITE LINK- Treasureminers.com

Referral Commission?
Ordinary participants get a one-time bonus of 5% from their direct Down lines while those who have up to 30 downlines automatically become a MENTOR and will be entitled to a life time bonus...

Note: Participant wouldn't be able to GH their bonuses if their Donation isn't up to at least half Of Their Bonuses

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