Saturday, 2 September 2017

Nigerians Spend Over N197B On Data Subscription Monthly

According to the recent statistics released, it is recorded that Telecoms subscribers in Nigeria spend over N197 billion on data subscriptions every month.

Research by Daily Trust from the four GSM operators revealed an estimate of the categories of data users and how much they spent on data monthly.

Data subscription
According to the survey, about 70% of internet users or 64m use up to N1000 data monthly each, raising the operators’ revenue base by N64bn.

Also, about 15% or 13.8m data users, mostly small business owners and middle-class people, purchase an average of N3000 data monthly, contributing N41.1bn every month to the figures.

Similarly, 10% of internet subscribers or 9.15m use N5000 each every month, growing the operators’ revenue by N45.6bn.

About 5% of internet subscribers or 4.6m buy N10,000 data each, increasing the mobile internet companies’ revenue by N46bn, according to findings made by Daily Trust.

Recall that the latest Monthly Subscriber/Operator Data released by the regulator last month showed that MTN had 58,121,427 users, and Glo 37,270,100 customers, Airtel 34,336,802 while 9mobile has 19,621,806 users.
The remaining figures are shared between the other smaller operators.

Although 92m of the 149.5m subscribers are active internet users, and they depend on data provided by the telcos to access the Internet and socialise on the social media.

Source : DAILY Trust

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