Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Why You Shouldn't Use Unlock Patterns To Protect Your Phone

One of the beauties of the Android OS is that it gives users the option to pick from different security options to secure their phone. However most users end up using the most basic and easiest to copy.

Android unlock patterns are easy to copy and less secure than fingerprint scanners and passcodes, research has revealed.

Android Pattern Unlock
Bystanders with little technical expertise can copy your pattern from a distance. Trust me it's true, can't count how many unlock patterns my brain has stored from just a single glance😂

The study found that numbered passcodes, which are used on the iPhone and also available on Android phones, are far more secure.

"PINs are the most secure means of phone security from people around.

This is because patterns are easier to remember, and because the shape is easier to spy on compared to typed numbers, according to the researchers.

Android users can opt to secure their phone with a password or passcode by going to Settings > Lock screen and security. The safest and fastest way, though, is to use the device's fingerprint scanner.

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