Saturday, 15 July 2017

Airtel Introduces Three New Unlimited Data Plans

Early this morning, I was going through YouTube just watching random videos when I came across something that caught my eye.

Unlimited Data Plans on Airtel??

Unlimited Data Plans on Airtel

Though there hasn't been any official statement about this, I think the video and title are self-explanatory.

From all indications, we should be expecting unlimited data plans from Airtel Soon, who else is happy?

The plans have been unlimited airtel data plans have been launched and these are their prices;
The plans come in three variants,
  • N10,000 plan - dial *471# to subscribe
  • N15,000 plan - dial *463# to subscribe
  • N20,000 plan - dial *351# to subscribe
All plans are valid for 30days, since the plans come in different variants with different prices I believe Fair Usage applies to them. So they aren't "UNLIMITED".

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  1. Bros, those guys that wanna cut person neck?

    It was actually confusing at first; all being unlimited, having the same validity period but different price.

    I send a message to Airtel Customer Care and they confirmed that they're all unlimited but it's based on Terms and Conditions (like you already said, Fair Usage)

    It's really cool though.

    Nice blog bro.
    Still that crazy guy @ Techkibay

  2. Trust me I was really disappointed!
    When I first saw the unlimited data commercial, I was gearing up to download the entire Internet only for me to be hit with *fair usage applies*

    If fair usage applies, it's not unlimited... Abi?


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