Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Samsung Stops Galaxy Note 7 Production

After several cases of Galaxy Note 7 explosions, it seems Samsung is finally heeding my advice;
If you ask me, I would suggest Samsung just kill the Galaxy Note 7 and start planning for the perfect Note 8.
It is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the worst thing that ever happened to Samsung.
Samsung Stops Galaxy Note 7 production

When the explosions started I thought it,  was a one time thing but then several others followed, forcing Samsung to order a worldwide recall of all Galaxy Note 7 and issued a replacement device but it seems even the replacements are not any safer resulting in a large loss for Samsung.

To make matters worse, Top American carriers T-Mobile and AT&T are no longer selling the device, and all four major carriers are accepting unconditional exchanges to a new device.

Korean new Agency Yonhap reported on Monday morning that Samsung has stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7. The pause could be temporary or it could be the final nail in the galaxy note 7's casket. However, it is unofficial as Samsung has declined to comment on the story when asked by news agencies.

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