Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tecno Set To Launch A New Device - Can You Guess What It Is?

Tecno.... Tecno... Tecno... How many times did I call you?

We are still waiting on your promise to release Android Marshmallow 6.0 update for Camon C8, you know February is already running out?

Just when we thought Tecno was out of tricks, it seems they are far for that as they are already teasing a new device.

Tecno new device

Tecno took to their official Facebook page to announce a new coming device which looks like a tablet-PC covered under a hood.

Will it be a tablet or an hybrid tablet-PC? No one knows..

Now, I'll be doing my first giveaway ever...
If you can guess two specs of the new Tecno device you get a recharge card when it is finally released.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Full Review

 The Samsung S-series devices are one of the most anticipated devices of every along with iPhones, I really can't say which of them is more anticipated tho'.

In the currently ongoing Mobile World Congress MWC 2016, Samsung unveiled their Flagship devices of the year which is the Samsung S7 And Samsung S7 edge.

There are two phones this year, the 5.1 inch Samsung Galaxy S7 And the 5.5inch Samsung S7 edge, there will not be a Samsung S7 edge plus(I always thought the name was weird anyway.)

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

They look similar to the previous S6 and S6 edge, Samsung just took what was already a good phone(the Galaxy S6) and fixed its major flaws to make the Galaxy S7.
It now has a curved back which allows for a better grip and makes it more comfortable in your hand.
It is also now fully IP68 water and dust resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof

It comes in four colours this time, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, White Pearl and Black Onyx(not Blue).

The Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge are now 1mm thicker to accommodate a larger battery, the Galaxy S7 now has a 3000mah battery while the galaxy S7 edge is 3600mah.

Other improvements include the camera bump and the home/fingerprint button which are both flatter now.
The camera of the galaxy S7 was also improved, it now comes with a 12MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture and a really fast auto focus.

Samsung Galaxy S7 camera

For the processor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge runs on the snapdragon 820 processor and has a 4GB RAM but that option is only available for users in the US. For users outside the US, their S7 And S7 edge would run Exynos 8890 with 4GB RAM also.
One major addition to the Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the micro SD slot which was absent in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review

The device may seem perfect but just like every other thing created by man, it has it flaws.
  • Slippery - The device is sooo smooth and has the tendency to slip off your hands which might cause damage to your device.
  • Fingerprint marks - The Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a really glossy feel and as such fingers leave an imprint on it when touched. 
The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge are currently unknown.

In all, I think Samsung Galaxy S7 And Samsung Galaxy S7 edge are awesome devices, I particularly love the added SD Card option as it gives you more disk space to save your movies, songs and space hoarding games.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Cheap $4 Android Phone Is A SCAM!!!

Earlier this week, news of a $4 Android Phone spread around all major blog like GEEK NG,, Android Authority and many more..
You might wonder why I didn't write a post about it, the reason is pretty simple I didn't believe it and I decided to chillax for a bit and see what happens.

Just as I guessed, it turns out the $4 smartphone is actually a shady deal.
There was a crazy rush for this device as many people thought it was a good deal. However, now that the device is reaching people, it's looking completely different from the device that was promoted.

When you pull the device out of the box, first thing you notice is that a 'Tipp-Ex like' material covering the manufacturers name. That's when you start to feel something is wrong.

Adcom ikon 4
Scratching off the covering, you find out that the device isn't a freedom 251 but a device made by a company called Adcom, the Adcom Ikon 4.

World Cheapest Phone

After complaints were raised to Ringing Bells the supposed phone manufacturer and they made changes, not to the device but to the website!
Freedom 251 specs

Freedom 251
Other mysteries include that the Adcom Ikon 4/Freedom 251 looks like an iPhone and to make it worse, some of the app icons are directly gotten from iOS like the browser icon which is exactly the Safari icon.

Freedom 251 images

Funny enough, Adcom denies having knowledge of their device being used for such purpose.

In the meantime, Ringing bells is telling people not to worry that the device they have received is just a 'preview of the actual freedom 251'... Can you imagine??

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Airtel Introduced One Thousand Naira 3GB Plan

Airtel has introduced a new, cheap data subscription plan that offers a whooping 3GB for one thousand naira only.

 This data bundle works on all devices and is different from the usual blackberry subscription which most Airtel subscribers use.

Airtel 3GB 1K data plan

 With the way Nigerian Telcos keep slashing their price lower and lower, users can only rejoice as they now have numerous cheap plans to select from.


Dial *431#

Last For 30 days and Works on all devices.

To Check your Data Balance;

Dial *140#

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Infinix Set To Launch Infinix Hot 3

The Infinix Hot was one of the first devices that etched Infinix devices into the minds of Nigerian mobile users. The success of the Hot series was further increased by the massive popularity and reach of the recent Infinix Hot 2 which sold over 500 thousand units in Nigeria turning Infinix into one of the 'Big players' in the African mobile sector.

Infinix Mobility is planning to continue this streak with the release of the Infinix Hot 3. 
The teaser slang for the Infinix Hot 3 is "Selfie with soft flash makes life colorful" indicating that this coming device will be a 'selfie phone':  will most likely come with an amazing front camera with LED flash.

Infinix Hot 3 specs
There is currently no Leaked specs of the device but I was able to get some Leaked images of the Infinix Hot 3.
What I like about the Infinix Hot 3 is the new design, it is not like any other Infinix Device we have seen.

Infinix Hot 3 launch

Infinix Hot 3 Leaked images
It's not really clear but you can whet your appetite with that for now while we wait for the specs of the device and of course the launch.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Do This Quick Tip To Save Your Battery And Data

I know that Valentine's day was yesterday but I still love in the air.
Happy  Belated Valentine's Day To You!

So in the spirit of love, I'll be sharing a quick tip you can do to better conserve your battery and data.

With the current epileptic state of power in Nigeria and the exorbitant prices of data plans, there is need to save your battery and keep your data consumption to the lowest minimum.

AVG, An Antivirus maker recently released a list of battery draining, data consuming apps that you should probably consider uninstalling from your device.

The Facebook app ranked Number 6 in the list of battery draining apps and Number 1 in the list of data hogging applications.
According to them, Unistalling Facebook from your devices will make them 'noticeably' faster and your battery would last a 'bit' longer.

Knowing that no one would want to remove Facebook app from their devices, I came up with a way to walk around it.

All you have to do is Unistall the regular Facebook app and install the lighter version of FACEBOOK LITE.

Not all does this increase your phone's speed and save your battery, it also uses less storage space as the app is just 554KB.

If you check my phone, you would not see the Facebook app, just Facebook lite.

How save data and battery on android

The user interface of the Facebook lite may not be as good as the regular Facebook app but it does the job well and it's still in blue and white colours like the normal Facebook app so I guess that should be manageable... LOL
One other added advantage of using the Facebook Lite is that you don't have to separately install Facebook messenger app to send messages as you normally do on the regular Facebook app because you can directly send and receive messages with Facebook lite.

So..... Save your battery... Conserve Your Data ... Install Facebook lite today!

Hehe...That sounded like a presidential campaign speech right? I know...
But seriously, install Facebook lite.

Monday, 15 February 2016

This Is The Easiest Way To Brick An iPhone

Bricking your device is one of the most dreadful nightmares one can ever face.
 I once bricked my phone back when I wasn't so deep into 'techy sturvs', I almost cried because I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do to bring my beloved phone back to life.

That's all in the past now so end of that chapter.
Back to the main subject of today, as I said earlier, Bricking your phone is really scary but what is even more scary is the fact that you can easily brick an iPhone(one of the most secure devices on earth) by doing something as simple as changing your phone date.

It was recently discovered that changing your iOS device(especially iPhones using A7 chipsets like the iPhone 5s) date to the 1st of January 1970 would brick your device making it useless for a while.
Other supposed solutions include waiting for FIVE HOURS!!

The bug will take effect after you reboot your iPhone and restoring your phone from backup or entering DFU mode will not fix the problem. You might have to take your device to an Apple repair centre to have it looked at.

More than definitely, Apple will fix this bug with an update. However, for now keep you  dear Apple devices out of reach of mischievous people.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mtn Introduces An Unlimited Daily Plan For Just N150

Mtn Introduces An Unlimited Daily Plan For Just N150
Amidst all the troubles facing MTN, the unending fight with NCC and the recent legal issue with Etisalat, MTN has still managed to wear their 'red and white' and dished out a special unlimited daily data plan which costs just N150/day this valentine season.

The new unlimited data plan allows you to browse the Internet and download as much as your phone permits for 24 hours.

The only thing depressing about the new MTN unlimited daily data plan is that, not everyone is eligible for the offer.

Dial *567*59# then reply 1 to check if you are eligible for this offer.

The time has for you to download that movie you don't like but wanna watch just because everyone is watching!
You know no one would waste a bought data on a movie they don't like. But when it's unlimited, you wouldn't mind.

Etisalat Sues MTN For Acquiring Visafone

Even though MTN is still in battle with the NCC over not deactivating Sim cards with incomplete details, it appears MTN is in for another trouble as one of their major competitors in the telecommunications business is looking to sue them over their newly acquired asset, Visafone.

Etisalat Sues MTN For Acquiring Visafone
According to Ngrguardiannews, Etisalat has filed a lawsuit against MTN over the acquisition of Visafone's 800MHz spectrum. Etisalat claims that MTN enjoys too much favoritism and that the acquisition will make MTN dominate other Telecom providers (But that's the point naa).

According to Etisalat's Public Relations Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Division Officer, Chinesie Amanfo;

"You will recall that MTN Nigeria was declared dominant by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)  in 2013 and remains dominant in the wholesale leased line and retail voice markers. The use of the 800MHZ spectrum to deploy broadband services ahead of its competitors, particularly those who, prior to MTN's purchase of Visafone held the same spectrum bands as MTN will further entrench MTN's dominance in the Nigerian Telecommunications sector. 

"We have in addition and in line with section 86 of the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003 engaged the NCC to understand the basis of its decision to approve the acquisition. As you are aware, the matter is already in court and we are restrained from making further comments on the issue. "

All that is just Big big grammar, to break it down to simple English, what happened is;
Etisalat thinks that by buying Visafone, MTN would become a stronger force in the telecom circle and it'll be harder to compete with them.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How To Root Tecno Camon C8 And Other Android 5.1 Devices

For some unknown reasons, most Android devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop are so hard to root.
 Take the Infinix Hot note for instance, it is so easily to root while it runs the default Android 4.4 Kitkat but the moment you upgrade it to Version 5.1, it becomes a headache to root.

The Tecno Camon C8 also falls in the category of devices that are hard nuts to Crack. Rooting the Tecno Camon C8 is not for the feeble minded, you had to use a PC at least that was before the developers of Kingroot released the new Kingroot v4.8.0 which can be used to root almost every device, including the Tecno Camon C8 and the Infinix Hot note running Lollipop 5.1.

Image source - Geek NG
New features include;

  • New User Interface, new experience and enhanced quality of the. 
  • More focus on keeping phone safe after rooting. 
  • Bug fixes
If you find it hard to root your Android device, you should definitely give this app a trial. 

Where can I get the new Kingroot 

To download the new Kingroot version, click here

Test it out and don't hesitate to comment if you successfully rooted your stubborn Android device or have any more questions. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Whatsapp Increase Group Member Limit To 256 People

Whatsapp seem to be aiming to improve the interactivity of the instant messaging app.

Whatsapp groups increase from 100 to 256

The Facebook owned app has added a new feature to spice up your whatsapp experience.

Whatsapp groups had a limit of 100 people per group but now that limit has been increased to 256 People.
If you thought the previous limit of 100 people wasn't enough for you, you can now add even more people to your whatsapp groups to make them even more fun.

The increased group members is available on newer version of whatsapp.
You can download the latest version of whatsapp messenger here.

Personally, I think this is a good move the only problem however is that groups chats might start getting overcrowded and countless messages will start trooping into your phone and it becomes hard to keep track of important messages.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Infinix Note2 To Get Marshmallow 6.0 update Soon

Last month, Infinix released an android Marshmallow 6.0 update for Infinix Hot 2, even though a lot of people complain of it having bugs still it was a great move.
In the spirit 'Marshmallowness', Infinix is planning to push Android 6.0 Marshmallow over to the new Infinix Note2.

According to Infinix Mobility, Infinix Note2 users would start getting Android Marshmallow 6.0 Beta updates soon.

The beta test update means that the Marshmallow update won't be immediately available for the public, a few people will first be selected to be beta testers.

 These people would test out the Marshmallow update and check for bugs and other anomalies, this is probably meant to prevent what happened with Infinix Hot 2. 
If you want, you can also apply to be one of the beta testers for the Infinix Note2 Marshmallow update.
To do this, all you have to do is fill this form here.
Note - To apply to be a beta tester, you need to have the Infinix Note 2 in your possession.

This Is Pure Crazy - Guess Where Redirects To

The 2016 US elections are just a few months from now and a lot has been happening which is quite expected(it's the battle for the seat of POWER!!!).
The Iowa Caucus was held on Monday February 1st and Donald Trump lost to Senator Ted Cruz who came first while Donald Trump came in second.

Following his loss, there's been a lot of buzz on the Internet and quite a number of people have been 'Celebrating' his loss(Lol!).
The domain was launched, guess where the domain redirects to --- DONALD TRUMP's WIKIPEDIA PAGE!! directs to Donald Trump Wikipedia page

What baffles me is that, why would you buy a domain name just to have it redirect to Donald Trump's wiki page. Well, I'm sure he/she has his/her reason for doing that.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Android Marshmallow 6.0 For Tecno Camon C8 Coming This Month

In this post and this post, I told you guys that Tecno was planning  an Android Marshmallow 6.0 update for Tecno Camon C8 which will arrive in February and guess what, it's February already!

Android Marshmallow 6.0 update for Tecno Camon C8
The Tecno Camon C8 is without a doubt one of the best selling Tecno devices ever and it pretty amazing Specs too.
It has a long lasting battery, a ground breaking camera, a neat, clean and beautiful UI and it also receives timely system updates.
Even more expensive, high-end Tecno devices don't get updated at all like the Phantom Z for example.

The Marshmallow 6.0 update for Tecno Camon C8 will be available this month and it will come with a lot of cool features which includes;
  • Better battery saving options. 
  • An improved Cut and Paste feature. 
  • App Backup and Restore. 
  • Better App permission system. 
  • Voice search directly from lock screen. 
  • Google live in settings menu. 
And some of the other Marshmallow features I mentioned in this post.

 To all Tecno Camon C8 users, start gearing up for an Android Marshmallow 6.0 update.