Friday, 29 January 2016

Rapper B.o.B Says The Earth Is Flat - Check Out His Proofs

This is not really Techy but it's 'Sciencey' so I guess I can post it ryy?

 Popular American Rapper B.o.B declared to his 2.3 million twitter followers that contrary to what they've been led to believe all their lives, the earth is Flat.

B.o.b flat earth theory
The Rapper shared a photo of himself standing on a hill pointing at a 'seemingly'  straight horizon which he thinks proves that the earth is Flat.

When his fans tried to prove to him that the earth was indeed round, he countered by asking some questions and he later berated them saying they were sheeps that blindly follow the shepherd and were forced fed misguided informations.

See his tweets/proofs below;

Bob says earth is flat
Current Situation - B.o.B

I'm going up against the greatest liars in history ... you've been tremendously deceived 

they want me to be a "good little rapper" and sing and dance and don't question things...

Once you go flat, you never go back

B.o.b flat earth theory
can u see this curve on a protractor or nah ...  - B.o.B
The tweets are so much, to see all of them check @bobatl timeline here

In no time the rapper began to gather a following as more and more people began to believe his flat earth theory.

There is simply no way to prove that there is actually anything inside an egg until you crack it. Pay attention Sheeple!! #FlatEarth - @AlexalltimeLow

 he showed this yesterday people. Y'all just can't see. Open your third eye - @Dza559

I think  is on to something here you fuckin sheeple

 gotta be honest, i came into this thinking you were crazy but... what you're saying makes sense - @SageBoggs

  I was just on a plane and from above it looks flat - @KingGage_

After seeing all these, what do you guys think? Is the Earth Flat as B.o.B said or is Round as our geography teachers taught us? 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

System Update Available For Tecno Camon C8

In a previous post, I said that there will be an Android Marshmallow 6.0 update for Tecno Camon C8. Many people didn't believe me, they kept going on and on about how tecno devices don't support system updates.

Well, Tecno has finally released an OTA system update for Tecno Camon C8 and they have shoved it in the faces of doubting Thomas'.

Though the update is not a Marshmallow update, it's just a bug fix for the existing Lollipop but still, it's a major leap for Tecno.

The update fixes the following bugs on the Tecno Camon C8;

  •  It fixes the auto-restart problem from after sales service centres. 
  • It fixes the issue where the device could not be woken to receive incoming calls. 
If you use a Tecno Camon C8, you should update it while you wait for  the Marshmallow update. According to my previous post, the Marshmallow update for Tecno Camon C8 should arrive in February or March.
If your Camon C8 is rooted, unroot it first before updating so that you won't hear stories that touch. 
Also, you need enough battery juice to complete the update, if you battery level is below 15% plug in your charger while you update to prevent the update from stopping midway as that can really harm your device. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Opening This Link Would Crash Your Browser And Maybe Your Phone

Last year, I wrote a post about a link that crashes the chrome browser this is quite similar except that this one doesn't crash only chrome browser, it crashes any browser it is inputed into and might even end up crashing your phone itself.

The link is , from its name you might think it only crashes iPhone's safari browser - Think again because it crashes any browser in sight and might even go as far as crashing your phone too if you don't have enough RAM space but its only temporary, it doesnt cause any long-term damage to your phone, no damage at all sef.

Since I'm what you call a 'doubting-Thomas' When I heard about it, I tried it out on my UC Browser and 'Lo and Behold' the browser just freezed, I had to closed the UC browser and re-open it for it to start working as normal.
Then I also tried it on Google chrome browser, immediately I loaded the web address my browser crashed and there was a little lag in my device, for a few seconds it was a bit slow.

This link crashes your browser

I know you are going to try it, I won't you but a word of Advice..


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Apple Set To Launch A 4-inch iPhone 5se Soon

Lately, rumours of a small-sized iPhone 6 have been flying around on blogs but I didn't want to write anything on it until it is confirmed.

 Mark Gurman of 9TO5Mac recently posted details of the 4-inch iPhone which should be launching in March, and it's going to be called iPhone 5se.
Iphone 5se image and release date
The 'special edition(se)' iPhone 5 would be bring back a 4.0 inch display as seen on other versions of the iPhone 5. The only trade-up being that the iPhone 5se would have features found on newer generations of iPhones.
These features include;

  • 8mp back camera
  • 1.2mp front camera
  • A8 processor
  • NFC for Apple pay
  • Gold and Rose Gold colours as seen on the iPhone 6.
  • And many more....
The iPhone 5se will likely take over from the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 will 'probably' be discontinued.

If this report turns out to be true then we should be seeing the iPhone 5se come March or early April.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Phone Prices Increase As Dollar Price Goes Through The Roof

Phone Prices Increase As Dollar Price Goes Through The Roof
It is a known fact that when the dollar - Naira exchange rate increases, prices of things generally tend to spike.

We are currently experiencing an all time low as the Naira is coming really weak against the US dollar and as is normal, the prices of things have started to increase drastically.For example the domain name for which I initially bought for ₦1,750/yr, I got an email earlier this week announcing that it now costs ₦3,000/year.
Products that are imported or bought abroad such as our Mobile phones are usually at forefront of the price increase.

Take Innjoo devices for example;

  • Innjoo Halo which was N13,900 is now N21,260
  • Innjoo One which was N28,000 is now N39,000
  • Innjoo Fire plus which was N27,600 is now N41,400
  • Innjoo Max 2 Plus was N23,500 now N35,030
  • Innjoo Max 2 was N21,500 now N31,840 


Infinix devices weren't left out as their prices as their prices also increase;

  • Infinix Hot Note X551(1GB RAM) was N24,000 it is now N29,900
  • Infinix Hot Note X551(2GB RAM) was N27,500 it is now N34,500
  • Infinix Hot 2(1GB RAM) was N18,500 now N21,500
  • Infinix Note 2 X600(1GB RAM) was N30,500 now it is N35,500
  • Infinix Zero 2 was N33,500 now it is N49,500
Other devices also experienced a price increase but i'll stop here.
For people that buy stuffs from foreign stores like Gearbest, how much were you charged per dollar?

Friday, 22 January 2016

Google Has Reportedly Made $31 Billion From Android

Google Has Reportedly Made $31 Billion From Android
In a survey I carried out last week, I discovered that 6 out of 10 average Nigerian youths are Android users. Makes you wonder just how much a brand that large and popular generates for Google

It is the world's most popular mobile operating system after all, so everyone would expect the sum to be pretty high, but how high?.

According to one of Oracle's lawyers, Google's Android OS has generated a total revenue of $31 billion and profit of $22 billion over the years.
Oracle and Google have been up in arms over the past few years, ever since Oracle accused Google of using its Java software in Android without paying for it.

These financials, which were never meant to go public, were disclosed by the lawyer on January 14th. Google in a court filing said that the lawyer based her numbers on informations taken off confidential internal financial documents.

On January 20th, following the original claims, Google urged a San Francisco federal judge to redact portions of the public transcript, claiming that the Oracle lawyer leaked out "extremely sensitive information" that was supposedly marked "Attorney's Eyes Only." Google said in the filing:
Google does not publicly allocate revenues or profits to Android separate and apart from Google’s general business. That non-public financial data is highly sensitive, and public disclosure could have significant negative effects on Google’s business.

It's important to note that this $31 billion amount is not yet confirmed, and most likely won't be. The numbers are taken from financial data that's been derived from internal documents, not taken word for word.
It's also worth noting that this $31 billion in lifetime revenue isn't actually that much money when compared to what Google normally generates in revenue each year

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

You No Longer Have To Pay Yearly For Whatsapp

We all know that annoying "$0.99 subscription fee" we see when we install whatsapp on our devices.
Facebook has finally decided to remove it and make whatsapp completely free of charge.

The reason for this according to whatsapp, is because many whatsapp users in developing countries do not have credit cards and therefore can not pay the $0.99 fee.

Honestly, do anyone even pay for the subscription fee?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

How To Make Your Whatsapp Group More Lively

Recently, Whatsapp groups seem to be the trend. Everybody has one, every class at school, groups at churches, groups at organisations, blogs, I mean almost everybody has a whatsapp group. 

Whatsapp groups can be fun sometimes but other times they are so boring and dry that you almost forget they even exist. At times like these, we resort to playing games or doing some other thing just to make the group lively.

In my post today, I will show you how you can make your whatsapp group fun.

To do this, add +91 94459 50640 to your group.
The contact is a whatsapp bot that helps in making whatsapp groups lively, what it does is that it hosts games like JUMBLE where you are to form words from a given list of letters.
To play the game, send JUMBLE in the group. Everyone in the group can participate and the end of the game, the top players would be announced.

How to make whatsapp group lively

You can also play a quiz game, to do this send GK.

You can also easily access Wikipedia from the group, just send Wiki then the word you want to look up. Then the bot would give you information about the word.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

See The Yet-To-Be Dropped iPhone 7 Clone - GooApple i7

While everyone is excited and anficipating the iPhone 7 launch later this year, a chinese clone maker GooApple is already planning to take a bite off the cake - or Apple in this case.

IPhone 7 clone GooApple i7
GooApple is a chinese brand whose business is to clone iPhones, they merge the Android OS with iPhone designs to make their own phones.

Currently, GooApple is already planning it's clone iPhone 7 and it's going to be the GooApple i7. 

GooApple noticing the excitement the iPhone 7 is causing and knowing that not everyone will be able to afford it when it launches decided to make their own cheaper yet impressive version of the much anticipated device.

Specs Of The GooApple i7

The GooApple i7 may be a cloned device but still it's specifications are pretty high-end.

From leaks on, we got that the GooApple i7 would run on a MediaTek Helio P10 chipset, it will have a RAM size of 4GB, will spot a 16MP rear camera.

Also, the GooApple i7 will have a massive 3100mah battery with fast charge technology and an unbelievable 256GB internal memory.
Finally, the GooApple i7 is said to be shipping with the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow merged with an iOS UI.

Mehn.... The specs are so great it makes you want to buy the cloned GooApple i7 instead of the real iPhone 7.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Airtel Challenge Etisalat With New N180 per Hour Netflix Plan

Netflix was officially made available in Nigeria a few days ago and few hours after its launch, Etisalat immediately integrated Netflix into their already existing VideoPak plan making them the first network provider in Nigeria to introduce a Netflix plan. The Video Pak plan allows you to stream Netflix for two hours at a price of N400.

It seems Airtel think they can do better than etisalat did with their Netflix plan as they(Airtel) have introduced their own N180 per hour Netflix plan.

Airtel Netflix plan Netflix in Nigeria

The new Airtel Netflix plan allows you to stream Netflix for 1 hour at ₦180 meaning with ₦360 you can "Netflix and chill"  for two hours, this makes Airtel's Netflix plan cheaper than Etisalat's own.

How To Subscribe For Airtel Netflix Data Plan

Subscribing for the new Airtel Netflix Plan is really easy.

All you have to do is dail *439*4# and you're ready to Netflix.

I really love the competition between all these Telecom companies, I'm
almost sure we will be seeing an MTN Netflix plan soon.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Finally Available For Infinix Hot 2

In a post I wrote back in November, I told you guys that there would be an Android 6.0 marshmallow update for Infinix hot 2. Although, I said the 6.0 update was expected to roll out in the early weeks of December, nothing happened.

Thankfully though, the android 6.0 update for infinix hot 2 and is being rolled out via OTA (Over-The-Air).

hot 2 marshmallow 6.0 upgrade

In today's post will include the simple steps required to upgrade your infinix hot 2 to 6.0 marshmallow.

The android 6.0 upgrade for infinix hot 2 comes with new features which includes better battery optimization, RAM manager, the ability to migrate data to your SD Card, better control of permissions granted to apps, probably a simplified security using your fingerprint and lots more.

For users have not rooted or flashed their infinix hot 2;

Go to "Settings"
Click on "About device"
Then select "System Update"

If it shows "System is up to date", that means the update has not YET gotten to device, however it would get to it in no time as the roll out has only just begun.

However, if you can not wait till the Android 6.0 update hits your device, do this to manually flash the 6.0 update to your device;

To Manually Upgrade Your Infinix Hot 2 To Android 6.0 Marshmallow, first you need to Download 6.0 here.

It is about 624.9mb in size.
Locate the file you downloaded and rename it to

Move the to the root of your SD Card. Inside the card itself not inside any folder

Turn off your phone.

Hold the Volume Up and the Power Button together to boot your device into stock recovery mode.

Scroll down with Volume button to “Apply Update from SD Card”

Scroll down to the and select it with the Power Button.

Select “Install” and it’s done.

At this point, you just need to wait, the upgrade process will begin. Wait until the installation is complete so that your device would be rebooted. Your would start running the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your infinix hot 2.

That’s All.

If you have at any point rooted you infinix hot 2, using the above method could cause serious damage to your device.
For people under this category, you have flash the 6.0 ROM into your device using the steps here

Monday, 11 January 2016

Infinix Note2 2gb RAM 4G LTE Variant Now Available

The Infinix Note2 was one of the most anticipated phones of 2015. It was officially launched on Nov 27th but wasn't available for sale until mid December.
Even after it was up for sale, only the 1GB RAM variant which was does not support 4G LTE connectivity was available.

It got to a point where people started giving up saying there wasn't going to be a 4G LTE 2GB RAM version of the infinix Note2.

Infinix NOTE2 2GB RAM 4G LTE

For people who were looking forward to buying the 4G LTE 2GB RAM variant of the Note 2, I hope you haven't bought another because the 2GB RAM 4G LTE variant of the Infinix Note2 is finally available.

It is sold for N37,000 at slot outlets near you.
You can also buy it at the Slot Online store for the same price.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

GTA 6 Is Going To Be Released On Playstation 5

Numerous rumors regarding the release date of GTA 6 are all over the Internet and gamers worldwide are confused because everything they read them online claim they have a reliable source.

 Some claim that GTA 6 would be released in 2018, but then, three years is a short time for Sony to fully launch the Playstation 5 console, even the Ps4 isn't well circulated yet.

GTA 6 release date

More likely, the GTA 6 will be released in 2020 probably in November.
Another speculation surrounding the upcoming GTA 6 is the map and characters. Rumor has it that the GTA 6 will have a much bigger map as it will contain the entire map of the United States.

Another Speculation is that the game characters will have the ability to Teleport themselves from one place to another, so they won't have to drive really long distances from one state to another.

Finally, the latest rumor making rounds is that Rockstar will make GTA 6 into an MMORPG

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Report Illegal Checking Of Phones By Police Officers

Lately, it has become a trend for police officers to stop people passing and go through their phones with the excuse that they are looking for Internet fraudsters(Yahoo boiz).

However, the Inspector General of police Solomon Arase has stopped police officers from searching people's phones.
In today's post, I will be showing you how you can report any policeman that attempts to invade your privacy by checking your phone.

Simon Arase Inspector General Of police

On January 4th, the Inspector General of police mandated police officers to protect the rights of individuals and families. Thereby mandating that checking of innocent civilians is illegal!

This is a welcome development as I see no reason why anyone would forcefully search your phone for no reason. Most people have private informations on their phones that should be kept away from prying eyes, not criminal informations maybe Conversations with your doctor or lawyer you know, stuffs like that.

If any officer of the Nigerian Police Force tries to force his way into your mobile phone, all you have to do is tweet a complaint to @POLICENG_CRU.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Etisalat Launches First Netflix Based Plan In Nigeria

That was fast!!
In just a few hours after Netflix launched in Nigeria, Etisalat already has a Netflix-based subscription plan to meet your Netflixing needs.

Etisalat Netflix plan Netflix nigeria

Actually this isn't a new subscription plan, it is an existing plan(VideoPak) but Netflix has been integrated into it.
With just ₦400, you can stream movies on netflix for two hours.

To activate the VideoPak, simply recharge your account with ₦400 and dail *229*3*5#.

Meanwhile, My techy-spirit tells me that other Network providers would soon join this race but Etisalat already has a headstart.

What is your take on this, can you use ₦400 to stream movies on netflix knowing that you will still have to pay the monthly $7.99(₦2,000) Netflix charges?.

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Netflix Now Available In 130 Countries Including Nigeria

Trouble has come to the city, get all Your Internet enabled devices ready as Netflix has officially launched in Nigeria!!

Netflix and chill in Nigeria

For those who don't know what Netflix is, Netflix is an 'on-demand' provider of popular movies and TV shows which you can stream instantly. By streaming, I mean you get to watch the movies and TV shows instantly instead of downloading them to watch later.

With Netflix, you actually demand what you want to watch instead of waiting for when your favorite TV show goes on air. So long as you have a steady Internet connection, you can stream Netflix on your;
  • Tablets (iPad, Android)
  • Smartphones (Android, iPhone)
  • Computer(Mac, Desktop, laptop)
  • Smart Tvs 
  • And also gaming consoles (Playstation|Ps3 & Ps4|, XBOX)

Whether you're at a restaurant, in a waiting room or when you're bored you can stream Netflix to keep you entertained.

The CEO of Netflix in his CES 2016 speech said that,

With the power of the internet, we are putting power in consumers' hands to watch whatever, whenever and on whatever device.
Netflix Launch in nigeria

Netflix is now available in almost every country with a few exceptions to North Korea, China, Syria, Crimea and Syria. It would not be available in these countries due to U.S. Government Restrictions on American Companies.

Now, I'm sure you know what Netflix is. The only downside to the Netflix launch In Nigeria is the fact that you can not pay for your Netflix billing using your Naira card due to the recent CBN policy which bans the use of ATM cards internationally.
However to work your way around it and effectively use Netflix in Nigeria, you might have to register for a dollar card(Foreign cards).

For the first month, the service is free of charge after the trial period, you are billed $7.99 per month to stream Netflix which converts to about ₦2,000 using the present exchange rate.

Nigerian movie lovers, it's time to Netflix and Chill.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

MTN Acquires Visafone - Plans 4G LTE Support

MTN, Africa's leading Telecom provider has acquired the last surviving CDMA operator in Nigeria.

According to a post on nairaland, over 2000 Visafone workers has been laid off(sacked) to complete the acquisition and they were paid three months salary as severance package.

MTN bring 4G connectivity to Nigeria

The only categories of workers said to be left are those in the Transmission department and those in the Personnel department.

MTN is said to be converting existing Visafone infrastructures and softwares to bring 4G LTE connectivity to Nigeria.

Based on this, I guess it's time to start buying 4G enabled Android devices so as to be able to benefit from it when MTN successfully launches their 4G LTE broadband.

What do you think about this?
Should MTN be acquiring a company when they still have a huge fine to pay up?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Plans To Make His Own Jarvis - As Seen In Iron Man

Before I start this post, I'll ask the same question I asked at the end of this post which is, what is your new year resolution?
Osai said his is to make a lot of money, some plan to lose weight, some plan to add up a little weight and others have different things they intend to achieve in the new year.
But Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of facebook has proven once again that he doesn't think like most people.

Unlike most people who think of losing/gaining weight, Mark has taken on a very complex but cool science project to be his personal challenge for the year 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg creates AI

In a recent post he shared on facebook, the young billionaire and new dad disclosed that his "personal challenge" for the year would be to build a "simple AI similar to Jarvis in the movie Iron Man

For those of us that has watched iron man, we've seen what Jarvis is capable of.

He said that he would start building his AI using already existing technologies "and would teach it to understand his voice to control everything in his home from lights to music to temperature".

He'll also teach it to let his friends into the house by looking at their faces when they ring the doorbell.
He also said, "I'll teach it to let me know if anything is going on in Max's(his daughter) room that I need to check when I'm not with her.

According to him, It should be a fun intellectual challenge to code it by himself.

Personally, I think this is a welcome development. I wish he would infuse his AI(when completed) into a robot that way I'll have a really brilliant and smart robot that can do stuffs for me when I'm just too lazy to do them

Is This How MTN Plans To Pay Up Their Fine?

We all know about the back and forth tug of war between MTN NG and the NCC, if you don't know about that, check out these posts;
I guess you're up to date with the issue on ground.

Now, to the topic of today.
N1.04 trillion is obviously a huge amount of money, makes you wonder where they(MTN) plan to raise it from.
Today, I tried to borrow airtime from MTN on my phone and what I saw left me shocked!!!!
According to the reply I got, I had an outstanding debt of N10,000 (abeg, which time I borrow that one?)

While still in shock, it finally hit me "Is this how MTN NG plans to pay up their enormous debt?
Have you noticed anything like this, don't hesitate to share in the comment section below.

##UPDATE - It's been confirmed, the reason for the hilarious amount is because they(MTN) didn't include a point(.) so in reality, I owe N100.00 not N10000

Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Triple-Sim Android Device By Bluboo: Bluboo Xfire 2

Without a doubt, 2015 was a great year for smartphones as we had a lot of amazing phones(like the Infinix Zero 3), crazy devices(Like the Oukitel K4000), 'beautiful' ones (like the iPhone 6s and 6s plus) and really powerful ones like the Oukitel K10000.

I suspect that this year is even going to be better and more competitive. It is just the first week of the year and Bluboo, a chinese smartphone maker is already on the move , they have made the first ever 5.0 inch triple sim android device!
To make a name for yourself in the phone market, you need to create something unique, something never seen before. That was what Tecno did when they made first dual sim mobile phone in Africa and this is exactly what Bluboo is trying to do with their new bluboo xfire 2.

bluboo xfire 2 triple sim android device

The Bluboo Xfire 2 has a 5.0 inch screen with a 2.5D arc glass. It runs on a MediaTek quad-core MT6580 processor. It would also have a front LED flash to make selfies better.

The major selling point of the bluboo xfire 2 however is the fact that it supports triple sim cards. Even though not everyone can have three cards, I think its amazing that you can use MTN, Airtel and Etisalat on just one device, that would be like enjoying the best of three worlds.

 There are three sim slots as I mentioned earlier, two are NANO sim slots while the third which is a micro sim slot can be converted into an SD Card slot. Which means, you choose between either using two sim cards and an sd card(memory card) or three sim cards and no SD card.

The Bluboo xfire 2 carries a price tag of $69.99 which converts to approximately N14,000 so don't expect high end specs from it.