Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone

So you dropped your phone into the toilet, a bowl of water or into the sink. Resist the urge to panic because panicking would make you do things that could cause even more damage to your device.
Below is a list things you should do and things you should DEFINITELY not do when your phone drops in water.

Let's start with the things you should not do since they are the ones that first comes to our mind.
When your phone drops in water there a couple of things that you MUST NOT do, things that'd damage your phone even more. They include;

  • DO NOT shake, tap or hit the phone. Most people think that shaking your phone when it drops in water removes the excess water, that's actually wrong because shaking your phone allows the water to go deeper and deeper into places that it hadn't reached.
  • DO NOT turn on the phone or use it in any way.
  • DO NOT blow air into it, this would push the water into the internal parts of the phone and cause more damage in process.
  • DO NOT take the phone apart, I mean loosing screws. Only do this if you know what you are doing otherwise just leave it that but if the phone must be taken apart take it to a professional.
  • DO NOT apply heat of any kind. This includes using a hair dryer, Microwaving it, holding it close to a light bulb or holding it above a candle.
My phone once dropped into a bowl of water while I was doing the dishes and I did all these things and ended up causing more harm to my phone. I was younger then and i didn't know the things I know now. What I did was this, I pulled the phone out of the water as fast as I could and started pressing the keys to see if they were functioning well then I started shaking the phone to bring out excess water. After that I started blowing into the phone, then I held the phone close to the light bulb to dry the water. And in the end I damaged the phone even the "Phone repair guy" couldn't fix it. And my phone ended up in the trash can, I mean that literally.

What To Do When Your Phone Drops in Water

  • If your phone drops into a pool of water, obviously the first thing you do is take it out if the water as quick as possible. The longer it stays in water, the more damaged it gets.

  • With your phone out of the water, quickly turn it off if it's not and keep it in an upright position

  • Remove the back cover and pull out the Battery if it's removable. This is not possible in phones like Infinix Hot Note

  • What to do if your phone drops in water

  • Remove your SIM card and your SD card(Memory card)

  • Use a clean cloth or towel to dry it. Avoid spreading the water around so that it doesn't get into openings and cracks in the phone.

  • If you have a vacuum, try using it to such out the water.

  • Get an 'AIRTIGHT' bag fill it with uncooked rice and Bury your phone in it and leave it to dry for a few days. Note that I said AIRTIGHT. This might seem weird but it actually works, Rice is a good liquid-Absorber.

  • During this period, you can put your SIM card into another phone, while we wait.

  • After a few days, pull out the phone from the rice, insert the battery and try turning it on. Check if everything is working as normal, also try playing some music to see if the speaker is okay

  • If the phone does not turn on, try charging it. It that doesn't work your battery might be damaged, try replacing it. It is also possible that your phone is excessively damaged if that's the case take to a repair shop to have checked out by a professional.

  • If the phone turns on and works as normal, still keep an eye on it for the next few days to see if anything out of the ordinary is happening. Mine used to vibrate at odd times and Gets hotter than normal.

  • If nothing happens and your phone is back to normal, you just dodged a major problem. In the future, keep your phone as far from water as possible. No more Bathroom Selfies except if your phone is water resistant. ;)

    Feel free to add your own tips using the comment box below!

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    1. I did all the things that you said we shouldn't do when my phone dropped inside water.. it did not work, I had to take Computer village before it worked

      1. Wow!
        Hope it worked okay after you had it fixed?

        It's alright though, we all learn new stuffs at a point.

    2. Any information on Infinix Hot 2 update to Android 6.0 Mashmallow?

      1. Currently, nothing has been said about it but Google has started releasing Marshmallow updates to Android one devices so probably the Infinix Hot 2 should get it before the end of the year.
        Just keep your eyes glued on Naijatechs because I'm also impatiently waiting for it.

    3. Thanks.those tips really helped. God bless naija techs

    4. Replies
      1. You welcome Bro...

    5. Thnks helpful..what can be done to non-removable battery phones when dy get in water.

    6. Thanks bro...helpful. pls wot can be done to non-removable battery phones in cases as dis.

      1. If you're sure of what you're doing, loose it...
        If not, leave it as it is

    7. can the rice still be eaten afterwards?

      1. Yea... It can...

        But if its a discardable amount you used, it's best you don't..

    8. I was looking for this it will save mobile thanks for sharing keep making post like this.


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