Thursday, 31 December 2015

Naija Techs Wishes You A Prosperous Year Ahead

Naija Techs Wishes You A Prosperous Year Ahead
Finally, The year has come to an end, I hope we all enjoyed it while it lasted. Hope you kept to the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year.

I want to say a big, fat, heart felt thank you to everyone in here, without you guys Naija Techs would be nothing(literally) .

To all those that commented, Farouk Oshodi, Peatar, BenKafor and all others, I love you guys.
To those that read without commenting(Team silent readers) , you guys rock. I wish you guys would start commenting next year tho'
To those that shared our posts, you are the bomb.

Greater things lie ahead! I love you all. You guys have been awesome.... and I can't wait to see y'all Next year... HAPPY LAST DAY OF THE YEAR.

When I started out Naija Techs back in May, I never expected to have people as awesome as you all, you are the reason I wake up every morning thinking of what to write, you keep the ink in my pen.

In conclusion, you guys are the best there is.
And for those of you that don't have a new year resolutions yet, start making them, write them down, and try your best to follow through.
If your resolutions aren't too personal, you could share them with us using the comment section below.
Mine is to keep updating and make it as better as it can be.

Let's go to 2016 and do it better!


This App Differentiates A Baby's Crying Sounds - Tells You Why Your Baby Is Crying

This App Differentiates A Baby's Crying Sounds - Tells You Why Your Baby Is Crying
Not every-time tweaking and mobile tech talks, today's post is 'mainly' targeted at the ladies(do we have females here?)
You know that moment when your baby starts crying furiously and you have no idea why she is crying, it can be frustrating.
You try feeding her but that doesn't seem to stop her, try putting her to bed and no luck either!
According to Reuters, Taiwanese researchers have developed an app that can differentiate different baby crying sounds.

The 'baby cry translator' was developed at the National Taiwan University Hospital and it can differentiate four separate baby crying sounds by recording the sound of the baby's cry and comparing it against the database.

The researchers collected around 200,000 crying sounds from approximately 100 new borns and saved it in an online database. Analysis of these individual cries made it possible for the developers to differentiate them into four - Hunger, Sleepy, Pain or wet diaper.
Researchers say that the app is 92% accurate for babies below two weeks old and its accuracy reduces as the baby gets older.
After downloading the app, you only need to set the date and nationality of the baby, once the baby starts crying you press the record button for about ten seconds then the sound would be uploaded onto the online database then after an analysis, you'll receive a notification telling you why your baby is crying.

According to a forty-one year old new father,
For the new parent like us, we are most afraid of seeing the baby crying and then not knowing what we should do. When we don't know what we should do, this app can make some simple judgments for us, so we are able to know what our next step is.

The app is available on the apple store and google playstore at a price of $2.99

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Priest Suspended For Riding Hoverboard During Mass

Without a doubt, hoverboards are one of this year's must-have gadgets. However, as quickly as they rose to fame, they are also 'quickly' getting banned in major cities around the world such as New york, around Australia and also in london.

priest using hoverboard in church

As it would appear, even the church is not a big fan of the hyped 'toys' either as they suspended a priest for riding a hoverboard up and down the aisle while celebrating mass.
The diocese of San Pablo, Laguna confirmed this in a statement released on facebook.

According to the statement, The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Memorial of the Lord’s Sacrifice. It is the source and summit of Christian life. It is the Church’s highest form of worship. Consequently, it is not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.

Read also: Amazon Pulls Out Hoverboards Over Safety Fears

The statement added that, he will be out of parish for a while and during that time he would reflect on his past actions.

If you want to watch the video of the priest riding his hoverboard, click here to watch it on facebook.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Get 750MB On MTN For Free

It's been quite a while since we tweaked imeis, I hope you all still know how to do it because you'll be needing it.

Today, I will be showing you how you can get 750MB On your Android devices for free.

I won't be talking much today, if you don't how to change your phone's imei, read this post here.

Now that you know how to change your phone's imei number, tweak this imei 35562605207 and send Samsung to 131

Free 750MB on MTN

Monday, 28 December 2015

Which Device Really Has The Best Camera? Iphone Or Samsung

Even though there has been a lot of devices with amazing cameras that are just out of this world, two of these major devices have always been regarded as being the best of them all. These are Samsung annual Flagships And IPhones.
Over the years, there has always been competition between these two major mobile brands and today, I will be comparing their cameras.

Don't get me wrong, I won't be taking photos of things with both phones, all I will be doing is this; I will the best iPhone photography and I will also get the best that Samsung cameras has to offer and put them against each other.

Best Of iPhone Photography

The iPhone camera is one of its major selling points. When you see some photos taken with an iPhone, you have no choice but to marvel at how 'neat' and amazing they come out. According to a post by MissTechy over 800 engineers work on the iPhone's camera so basically, there is no reason why the iphone camera shouldn't be awesome.

Earlier this year, the winners of the annual IPhone Photography award were announced and as is with every competition, there were some 'not-so-good' photos and some of the entries were so awesome, they left me in awe!

iphone camera

best iphone picture

best photo taken with iphone

iphone with the best camera

best pictures taken with iphone 6

iphone camera technology

pictures taken with iphone 6S

pictures taken with iphone 6S

Best Of Samsung Photography

After seeing the pictures taken with the iPhone camera above, I'm sure you might thinking 'there's nothing better than the iPhone's camera. However, I urge you to wait and see what samsung has in store.

The above video was taken EXCLUSIVELY by a Samsung S6 Edge. However, it was shot by a professional director so there are lights, scenery and a touch of experience while taking it and also editings and a few touches here and there after.

Finally, some comparisons between the two devices.

Samsung S6 camera

Pictures taken by iPhone 6

If after reading this and seeing the pictures and video above you still use your phone's camera for just taking selfies then you have to think again before putting those amazing cameras to waste.

Now, you be the judge which has a better camera, Iphone or Samsung S6 Edge?

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update Coming To Xiaomi Devices

It's no news that the popularity and number of Xiaomi users in Nigeria is steadily increasing by the day this is due to the durability and 'somewhat' affordability of their devices.
Initially, you had to buy them from foreign online stores like Gearbeat until last month when Xiaomi was officially launched in Nigeria.
Xiaomi users can start celebrating as the company has announced that some of their devices would be receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update soon.

Most Xiaomi devices currently run on MiUi 7 which is based on Android Lollipop features.  A screen shot on gizmochina suggests that the new android marshmallow for Xiaomi devices will 'weigh' 518MB.

Android Marshmallow update for Xiaomi devices

According to the MIUI operations manager, the Android Marshmallow for Xiaomi devices is in its beta stage after which it will be released to users via OTA.

Xiaomi Mi 4 launched in 2014 running on Android 4.4 Kitkat, it was later updated to Android 5.1 Lollipop which has a colourful interface and better performance and battery saving options in October 2015.

There is currently no list of the Xiaomi devices that will run android marshmallow but according to Indian Express, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 3 and Xiaomi Mi Note will be among the first Xiaomi devices to receive Marshmallow updates

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blackberry Plans To Make A Middle-end Android Phone

Since the release of the Android powered Blackberry Priv the Canadian company appears to have a better chance at returning to its past, lost glory than they did last year.

Before the release of the Blackberry Priv, Blackberry had a market share of less than 1% and was really struggling to make sales.
Blackberry had to make an android device since their BB10 devices didn't sell as expected.

The Blackberry Priv is the first ever Android device from blackberry and according to a video interview on Bloomberg, there is probably another android blackberry device coming soon.
In the interview, Blackberry's CEO John Chen announced that the company might be making another Android powered Blackberry device in 2016. According to him, if the sales for the Blackberry Priv are favorable in the first quarter of 2016 the company would likely add another Android device to the lineup.

According to CrackBerry, the device will be called Vienna.
The Blackberry Vienna will not have a 'slider' as previously seen on the Blackberry Priv, instead it will feature a fixed keyboard like the Blackberry Q5 and Q10.

Blackberry Android Vienna specs

There is no fixed release date for the Blackberry Vienna but as said earlier, it all depends on the success of the Blackberry Priv.

The rumored specs of the Blackberry Vienna includes a full Metal body, An SD CARD slot and an 8 or 13-megapixels camera.

John Chen hinted that the Blackberry Vienna will be a mid range device but he also went on to say that the Company's main focus remains high-end - The expensive kind.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Glo Introduces 3GB For N500 Weekend Plan

Recently, there's been a sort of competition amongst Nigerian telecom providers, a battle for who provides the cheapest data plan.
Generally, it is said that a healthy competition is good for business but in this case it seems we data plan users are the ones that majorly benefits from the competition.

It all started when Airtel introduced their N100 for 1GB Weekend data plan that shattered every other data plan in existence. Mtn joined the trend and introduced their own 3GB for N300 Weekend plan unfortunately though after a few days the plan was removed and when I asked MTN's customer service their attendant said there was never any MTN 3GB weekend plan

Now, Glo is coming in to steal the show with their newly introduced 3GB For N500 weekend and 1GB For N200 daily data plans.
Glo has always been known for offering cheap data plans and these are one of the best of them all.

Glo cheap weekend and daily plan

To subscribe for the new Glo 3GB For N500 Weekend plan and 1Gb for N200 daily plan dail *777# and follow the command prompt data services - buy data - night and weekend plan or just simply dail *777*1*1*7# for the weekend plan and for the daily plan, Dail *777*1*1*1# for the 1GB daily plan.

It works on all devices be it iOS, Java, Symbian, android and even on your PC

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

MTN Drags NCC To Court Over 1.04 Trillion Naira Fine

Months ago, NCC imposed a huge $5.2 billion fine on MTN for failing to disconnect 5.1 million unregistered SIMs. The fine was later cut down by 25% to $3.9 billion and a deadline of 31st of December was set for the payment of the imposed fine.
However, the South Africa-based Telecom giant has filed a lawsuit challenging the fine imposed the NCC saying they want the court to dismiss the outrageous fine.

Mtn drags NCC to court over 1.04 Trillion Naira fine

In its defense, MTN has a team of elite lawyers which includes - Dr. Gbolahan Elias, A.B Mahmoud, Chief Wole Olanipekun, Tanimola Molajo, Oladipo Okpeseyi, Dr. Oladapo Olanipekun, Prof. Fabian Ajogwu - All of whom are all Senior Advocates (SAN).
Also named as a defendant in the case is the Attorney General Of The Federation (AGF) and Minister Of Justice.

MTN believes that since the NCC is just a regulatory body, it can't assume the powers of the state, especially since it made the regulation, laid down the penalty and also imposed the fined which is to be paid to the commission and NOT the Federal Government.

The company also stated that a deadline of seven days to disconnect over 5.2 million Sim cards was inadequate and impossible to do.

Finally, the company accused the NCC of acting as the legislator, Executor, prosecutor, Accuser, Judge and Beneficiary of the fine imposed on it.
It also stated that the fine of N200,000 for each Sim that wasn't disconnected was simply outrageous and excessive.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Check Out The Price Of The New Infinix Zero 3

Since the super, premium Infinix Device launched on Dec. 15, the official price of the Infinix zero 3 has been kept as a secret, the price wasn't even mentioned at the official launch.

Due to the absence of an official statement concerning the price of the Infinix zero 3, there have been a lot of speculations as people keep guessing how much the Infinix zero 3 would cost but according to an official tweet by @infinixMobility the device would cost N46,000.

                              Infinix zero 3 price in Nigeria

And here's what people had to say;

Price of the Infinix zero 3

Judging by the tweets above, most people think the N46,000 is on the high side.
What do you think, is the price of the Infinix zero 3 worth it or is it too high?

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Google Might Let Fans Decide Android N's Name

Google Might Let Fans Decide Android N's Name
Google's CEO Sundar Pichai at a student forum in New Delhi said that Google is considering using an online poll to decide it's next Android version, N.

Since 2009, Google has named all it's Android versions after desserts in alphabetical order.

  • Cupcake (Android version 1.5)
  • Donut (Version 1.6)
  • Eclair (Version 2.0)
  • Froyo (2.2)
  • Gingerbread(2.3)
  • Honeycomb(3.0)
  • Ice cream sandwich (4.0)
  • Jelly bean (4.1)
  • Kitkat(4.4)
  • Lollipop (5.0)
  • And 2015's Marshmallow (6.0)

Next year's would probably be no different.
For the time being, Android 6.2 or 7.0 would be called Android N until the official name is set.

For now, start writing out sweets that start with the letter N as Google Might call on you to help with the naming.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

How To Make Any Android Device Look Like A Nexus Device

Personally, I think there is no better form of android compared to stock android. Stock android is android in its purest form exactly the way google made it without any 'noticeable' additions just as seen on the infinix hot 2.

Android is a free open-source software and as such allows phone manufacturers to make adjustments to their devices and this results in custom UI which are seen in a lot devices today such as TouchWiz for Samsung devices, XUI for infinix, Sony Xperia's UI and many others.
For some people, these forms of android may seem like a lesser version of android.
If your android device runs a custom OS and you would like to experience a purer version, follow the steps below;

For our experiment, I'll be using the infinix hot note and making changes to it to make it appear stock.

The Hot note started out looking like this.

For The Stock Android Look

This is the most important part of the custom-stock change.
For this, head on to google playstore and install google now launcher. This changes your home screen and app drawer which are the main part of the switch.
When you first install the app, you'll be asked if you want to make the app your default launcher.
Select Google now and choose Always and your phone should now look like stock android.

For Extra Nexus Feel

Most times, android makers include their own camera app so if you would also like to get the stock android camera for your device click here to install it from google playstore. However, you can't replace your default camera with google camera .

Phone And Contacts

You can also head to playstore and install Google dailer app and Google Contacts app.
This isn't really necessary but if you really want to nail the stock Android look I suggest you do it.
The only problem here is that the updated versions of these app only work on Android phones running Android Marshmallow which are very rare. However, if you run android Marshmallow on your device, I really suggest you get these apps.

Finishing Touch

The last thing that's left of your stock android transformation is WALLPAPERS!!!
For that, there are a couple of Marshmallow wallpapers click here to download. It's a zipped file so you have to unzip it with an application like Winzip

After all tweaking, our hot note ended up looking like this.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Oukitel K10000 Battery Lasts 15 Days Of Normal Use

Few months back, there were rumors that Oukitel was making an android device that has a massive 10000mah battery that was supposedly lasts 15 Days under normal usage.

You would agree with me that the battery of a mobile phone is one of the major features it has, a poor battery life can tarnish a nice phone with amazing Specs.

Oukitel K10000 10000mah battery life

Currently, when you think of phones with really large battery, we think of the Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note pro and the new Infinix Note2 which all have 4000mah and also the Gionee Marathon M5 which has an unbelievable 6,250mah but when compared to the oukitel k10000 the battery life of these phones seem really poor.

All these battery juice would be a waste if it doesn't support OTG which it does.
With OTG you can charge other phones with the Oukitel K10000's massive 10000mah battery. According to the maker, the Oukitel K10000 can charge the iPhone 6S fully three times.
This makes it more of a power bank than a smartphone.
With the large battery size of this device, you would expect that it would take forever to charge however, the maker says it takes just three hours thirty minutes to fully charge the Oukitel K10000.

The device has 5.5 inch with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280, it has an RAM size of 2GB and an 8MP back camera and a 2MP front camera with an MTK6735 quadcore processor . Looking beyond the battery size of the Oukitel K10000 every other thing seem to be on average.

The device is currently available for sale on Gearbest for $239.99.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Amazon Pulls Out Hoverboards Over Safety Fears

Amazon which is one of the largest online stores in the world has begun pulling out Hoverboards from their stock due to fears of fire caused by the self balancing scooters a.k.a hoverboards.

Some of the hoverboards available on the online store have now disappeared and the site now warns that for the time being, they are not recommending any hoverboards until they are proven to be safe.

Hoverboards wrecking havoc in cities

According to a hoverboard seller, swagway, the online store(Amazon) required that hoverboard manufacturers provide documents showing that their hoverboards "are compliant to applicable safely standards" with additional emphasis to the batteries and chargers.

The gadgets which are one of the most hyped and 'must-have' gadgets of the year have been wrecking havoc in a lot of cities lately.
Last week, a hoverboard exploded at a mall in Washington, USA. Although no one was hurt, the incident made major headlines worldwide.
A woman claimed that a hoverboard explosion destroyed her home.
A man in Alabama also said his hoverboard caught on fire while he was riding it.

Currently, hoverboards are banned in a lot cities around the world even popular Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested for riding a hoverboard.

I guess I'll just forget about buying a hoverboard and just get an 'Okada' instead... Lol

Sunday, 13 December 2015

MTN Introduces 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan

It seems MTN are taking a page off Airtel's book as they introduce a new, cheap 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan meant to compete with Airtel's newly introduced 1GB For N100 data plan which is also a weekend plan.

Finally, these Telecom companies are understanding that data is a necessity for smartphone users.

Mtn 3GB For N300 Weekend Data Plan

To enjoy the new 3GB For N300 plan, Dail *131*1*5#.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Browse Free With MTN Music Plus On Android And PC

Since the extinction of imei tweaking, people have resorted to using apps like Simple Server, Open VPN, Psiphone, Http Injector, Tweakware and all others to browse on their android phones and PCs such as the BBLite subscription For Android, Etisalat chat pak, MTN 2GO MB.

In today's post, I will be showing you how to use music plus on android phones, Browsing with MTN music plan is similar to using 2go 3gb plan and Etisalat Chat pak and Social Pak because in all three cases, you subscribe for a plan and instead of using the data gotten for the plans we subscribed for, we use apps like Simple server and others to make it work for all other things.

Let me try to explain how the above procedure is possible, I'll use the MTN 3GB 2GO plan.
Recently, You could get free 3gb worth of data for 2go on MTN but the problem was that the data could only work for 2go and it's obvious that almost nobody uses 2go so there was need to find a way to use this data for other things since we couldn't afford for this data to go to waste and that was when simple server came along.

Simple Server acts as an intermediary "a middle-man" between your phone and the data, when you configure your simple server correctly and browse with it, it clones your phone and makes it seem like you are 2going whereas you aren't.

We are going to use the same method for the MTN music plus plan, MTN currently gives free 150MB to be used to stream and to music on the music plus app but just like I explained earlier, we are going to use simple server to make it power all apps.

To use the MTN Music plus plan on android first, you send MUSIC to 5900, wait for a confirmation message then Send D to 5900, dail *559*2# to check balance.

Now open your simple server(preferably the latest version) and configure it using the following settings.

  • Proxy host -
  • Proxy Port - 8080
  • Injection Query/Url -
  • Injection host -
  • Injection Type - Get
  • Injection Line - Press your enter key four times
  • Log Level - Debug
  • Connection Timeout - 10
  • Buffer Size - 8092

Now go to your Phone's settings - Mobile Networks - Access point Names and create a new APN(If you were using BBLite or 2go Mb before, just select the APN you created before).

  • Proxy -
  • Port - 8080
  • APN type - Default
  • APN -
  • Leave the rest as they are
Close your settings, Open simple server and power it up.

How To Use MTN Music Plus On PC

To make the mtn music plus plan work on pc, you have to have simple server for pc installed on your PC.
If you don't have it, you can download simple server for pc here
Right-click and extract the download simple server to your PC
Open the extracted folder and locate simple server.ini, it should open with your notepad.

Check through, you should see VALHDR0 clear whatever is in front of it and put so it would end up looking like VALHDR0 = ''.
Check lower again, IQUERY clear whatever is in front of it and input so it would now look like IQUERY = '' now press ctrl + S to save it the close your note pad.
Now, locate Simple server.exe and run it.

Go to settings in your modem's dashboard and create a new APN.
  • APN -
  • Username - Web
  • Password - Web

How To make MTN Music Plus Work On FIREFOX

Open Firefox go to options - Advanced - Network - Under connections click settings and configure it as follows

- Proxy -
- Port - 8080
Click use this server for all protocols(compulsory)
Click OK and fire On!

To Make MTN Music Plus Work On Chrome

Click on settings - Under Network click on change proxy settings - Click settings.
Click use a proxy server for this connection

Address -
Port - 8080

Click bypass proxy server for local addresses

How to use Mtn music plus on Android and pc
Click the OK button and browse On!

The major advantage of using mtn music plus plan is that you can renew it as much as you want free of charge.

When you finish the first 150MB you given, send D to 5900 you will be given another 150MB and when you exhaust that one too, send cancel7d to 5900, wait for a reply then send D to 5900 again you will be given another one when you finish that one send cancel7d to 5900 then D just like that you keep cancel and renewing until you are too tired to browse.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How To Get Free 1GB Data On MTN

It's been so long we tweaked, so people even already forgot how to tweak their imei while some are now too lazy to do it.
In today's post, I'm going to be showing you how to get 1gb worth of data for free on MTN and it involves tweaking your imei so get your tweaking face on!

If you don't know How to tweak imei or you have forgotten how to do it, check this post to learn How to tweak your phone's imei number.

Now that you know how to tweak your Android phone imei tweak this 352262070703277, make sure you change the last four numbers as explained in the tutorial post.

After you have successfully changed your imei, wait a few seconds for the confirmation message, you don't have to send anything.

Mtn free 1gb imei tweaking

If after waiting for about 10 minutes you don't receive an message, it means the imei has already been used so just tweak another one.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Meet The Infinix Note2 Look Alike

The Infinix Note 2 is without doubt one of the most anticipated devices of this year. It was officially launched last month but up till now it has not really been available for sale.

I was recently going through gearbest with no intent of buying anything, just window shopping then I saw a phone 'LeTv One X600' and I couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between the device and the newly launched Infinix Note 2.

Infinix note 2

The devices looked so alike that I had to check the specs of the LeTv One x600 to make sure that it wasn't the Infinix Note2 x600 because it even had the same model name 'X600'.

Letv One x600 Specs

Display: 5.5 inch IPS FHD Screen
CPU: MTK helio X10 64bit Octa Core 2.0GHz
GPU: Imagination PowerVR G6200
System: Android 5.0
Camera: 5.0MP + 90° wide-angle camera, 13.0MP AF face beauty with true flash light camera
Bluetooth: 4.0
Features: Gyroscope,Infrared Remote Control, Electronic Compass
Sensor: Light sensor, G-sensor, P-sensor, Hall Sensor, Proximity sensor
SIM Card: Dual SIM dual standby, MICRO SIM
2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
4G: FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz

After seeing the specs of the LeTv One x600 it's obvious that it is an entirely different phone so that means there was a copy in design and name, so who did the copying? Infinix or Letv?

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tecno Camon C8 To Get Marshmallow 6.0 Update

If there is any aspect that Tecno has been lagging behind, it would be in pushing system updates. Literally, I have never heard or seen anyone update any Tecno phone, they are always stuck in whatever Android version you buy them and this is really bad.
The Infinix HOT Note has an android Lollipop 5.1 update, HOT 2 has received over three minor system updates and still awaits the major Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

Tecno Camon c8 Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

After much pressure, it seems Tecno is finally making a change(after all, we are in the Era of change) and they have made it known that come February 2016, the Tecno Camon C8 would be receiving a Marshmallow 6.0 update.

What do you think??

Infinix Zero 3 Rumored Specs: 3GB RAM And 20.7MP Camera

It's no news that Infinix has been targeting the middle end to lower end part of the smartphone market but it would appear they are turning it up a notch and going High end on the Infinix Zero 3.

According to a reliable source(Mehn..I've always wanted to say that), the Infinix Zero 3 would be coming with a double sided explosion-proof glass and a stainless steel frame.
It's going to be slimmer and lighter than its 'brother' Zero 2 that would make it very slim and very light because the Zero 2 is so light and so slim, let's see shaa.

Infinix zero 3

It's also going to come with a bigger 5.5inch Full HD screen with a 400ppi protected by a tough corning gorilla glass 3.

And the camera, this is the best part....
The Infinix Zero 3 comes with a 20.7MP back camera with SONY IMX260 cmos Sensor, a dual LED flash and a 5MP front camera for selfies.

Note that huge pixel sizes of a phone's camera does not guarantee good picture quality. 

Infinix zero 3specs

The Infinix Zero 3 is said to run a 64bit MediaTek Helio X10 Octa-core processor clocked at 2.20GHz.

It is also said to have an impressive RAM size of 3GB.
There was a major upgrade in the battery as the Infinix Zero 3 rocks a 3030mah non-removable battery compared to the 2600mah battery of the Zero 2 and also the Infinix Zero 3 supports fast charge, a feature which was left out of the Infinix Zero 2.

And to round it all up, there are rumours that the device would be water resistant but it's not confirmed yet.

The Infinix Zero 3 has a benchmark score of 44245 on Antutu.

As for the price of the zero 3,nothing has been said but I suspect it should be above 40k, judging by the specs this is a high end device so it's only natural that it has a high price.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sony Announces That PS4 Would Play Some PS2 Games

It's no news that the playstation 2(PS2) is the best-selling gaming console of all time(Literally).
It is something that almost everybody played growing up and a lot of people still play it till date, I still have a Playstation 2 PS 2 console and it's really hard to let it go based on the fact that Sony stopped production of the playstion 2 (PS2) back in 2012 and there is fear that it might go extinct just like the Playstation 1.

ps2 emulator for ps4

Despite the fact that the playstation 3 (PS3) and the playstation 4 (PS4) have a better graphics processor and better gaming experience there are still some people who would love to relive the experience of playing the playstation 2 (PS2), it would appear that Sony has listened as they released an official list of playstation 2 games that would run on Playstation 4.

play ps2 games on ps4

They are starting out by launching eight fan favourite PS2 games;

  • Dark Cloud
  • Rogue Galaxy
  • Mark of Kri
  • War of Monsters
  • Grand Theft Auto 3
  • Twisted Metal: Black
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • And one of the best PS2 games ever : Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

You will also be to play these games in up-rendered 1080p with features of PS4 games such as Remote play, Activity feeds and second screen screen support with playstation vita and PlayStation App.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Infinix Zero 3 Incoming - Are You Ready?

If this was a battle of consistency, Infinix probably already won the game, releasing a new device almost every month.
Just this year alone, we've had;
  • Infinix Hot Note (Jan 2015)
  • Infinix Zero 2 (June 2015)
  • Infinix Hot 2 (August 2015)
  • And the recently launched Infinix Note2(November 2015)

Infinix zero 3

At the moment, there are no official specifications or photos of the coming Infinix Zero 3 device so all we have to do is wait.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Simple Server Goes Premium: BBLITE Still Works

Simple Server Goes Premium: BBLITE Still Works
For days now, most people using BBLITE on android with simple server have been complaining that it no longer connects and this has broken a lot of hearts because a lot of people depended on it for a very long time and didn't expect it to stop anytime soon.

In today's post, I would show you how to get your beloved BBLITE to work on Android with simple server again.

Some new features have been added to fix this issue and also to improve the overall functionalities of simple android server.

Some of the features included in the new simple android server version 3.5 are;

Add host replacement feature. 

Stops crashes after running for a while on android devices.

Add Safe Hotspot to VPN 

Added Global Proxy for rooted devices. 

Force every app to pass through Simple Android server, meaning you no longer need third party applications like auto proxy and Proxy Droid to power up all your apps

To get your BBLITE subscription to work with Simple server again all you have to do is update your previous simple server to the new one and configure the same way.

The new premium simple server goes for N356.49/week or N700.00/month.

You have the option to either use the ap freely just as you have in the past or pay for the premium version. The premium version has more working servers.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Photos And Leaked Specs Of Tecno L5 With Massive 5000mah Battery

Tecno L5 is the newest addition to the L series and just like its predecessors(tecno L6 and L7) it also has a massive battery and to make it even better, it comes with an OTG cable meaning it can charge other devices as well, which I think is very cool.

Tecno is currently focusing more on showing off the massive battery life of the tecno l5 than it is on releasing the specifications of the device. They recently selected two winners to experiment and test out the massive battery life of the tecno l5 on a three-day trip without charge and according to the testers the tecno l5 battery didn't disappoint.

Below are photos and some of the main specifications of the tecno L5;

tecno l5 specs and price in nigeria

tecno l5 5000mah battery

tecno l5 battery life

Tecno L5 Specs

Display - 4.5" IPS
Battery - Non-removable 5000mah
Memory -
  • RAM - 1GB
  • ROM(internal memory) - 8GB
Camera -
  • Front - 2MP
  • Back - 5MP
Android OS - Lollipop 5.1

There is currently no official statement regarding the release date and price of the Tecno L5 but its safe to assume that the device would be available for sale before the end of the year and would fall within the price range of between N15,000 - N20,000.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Li-Fi Is Just Like Wi-fi But 100 Times Faster

A new and faster method of delivery data where visible spectrum(light) is used instead regular radio waves used in Wi-Fi has been tested.

Li-Fi stands for light fidelity and can reach speeds of up to 1Gbps(one gigabit per second).
It requires a light source(such as a regular LED bulb), internet connection and a photo detector.
Li-Fi was tested last week by a company named velmenni, they used Li-Fi enabled LED lamps to transmit data at a speed of 1Gbps, laboratory tests showed speeds of up to 224Gbps.

It was tested in an office to allow workers access the internet and in an industrial space where it provided lighting solutions.

new lifi technology

Chief Executive Deepak Solanki said the technology could reach consumers within three to four years.

The term 'Li-Fi' was coined by Prof. Harald Haas from Edinburg University, he demonstrated the technology at a T.E.D(Technology,Entertainment and Design) conference in 2011.

One of the main advantage of the new Li-Fi over Wi-Fi is the fact that it uses visible spectrum(light) instead of radio waves and as such can not interfere with radio signals and so it can be used on an aircraft and other place where radio waves are restricted such as a gas station.

Li-Fi delivers faster data than Wi-Fi but just like Wi-Fi, it depends on the initial potential speed being delivered, for example if your home internet service is capped at 1Gbps(gigabit per second), the Li-Fi system won't go any faster than that.

Li-Fi also depends on your device being within range of the light being transmitted, so you need to see the light to get the data.

The Li-Fi system requires that you be under the ray of light being emitted.

NOTE: The Li-Fi system is not looking to take over the internet transmission technologies already available(it is not taking our precious Wi-Fi away from us) but it is just looking to be a good addition to the ones already available.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

New Infinix Note2 Officially Launches In Nigeria

In a previous post I wrote, I showed you a few images and some key specifications of the infinix note2 aka Big 6. I also told you that it was going to launch on black friday which was yesterday.

For those who have been waiting, it has finally arrived, the infinix note2 launched yesterday as planned.

infinix note 2 launch
The new device comes with a 6.0 inch screen and a HD 720 x 1280 resolution display.

infinix note2 specifications

NOTE 2 Specifications

OS - Android 5.1 lollipop, probably upgradable to android 6.0 marshmallow soon.
Display - 6.0 inch - 720n x 1280 resolution display
Processor -
  • CPU - 1.3GHz Octa-core 64 bit with MT6753 chipset
  • GPU - ARM Mali-T720
Camera -
  • rear camera - 13 megapixel 5P lens f/2.0 with LED flash
  • Front camera - 2 megapixel 3P lens f/2.2
Dimensions - 159.5 X 82.5 X 9.3mm

Weight - 194g(heavier than hot note[172g])

Memory - The device is coming in two variants,
  • 16GB ROM + 2GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM + 1.5GB RAM
Battery - 4000mah non-removaable Li-polymer with super fast charging

The recommended retail price of the NOTE2 is N27,300 for the 1.5GB RAM variant and N31,600 for the 2GB RAM variant.

How Was Your Black Friday Experience? Good Deal Or Big Scam?

How Was Your Black Friday Experience? Good Deal Or Big Scam?
According to a survey conducted by me, this year's black friday was the biggest and most anticipated in the history of Nigerian black fridays.

One of the reasons being because more people knew about it and prepared for it.
Even though this was the biggest black friday sale in Nigeria, a lot of people were left disappointed.

It all started with Jumia's black friday flash sale for the infinix hot 2 which was obviously the most anticipated of all deals.
The flash sale started by 12 am yesterday morning, about ten minutes before the sale began I was on jumia just going through, trying to keep an eye and see how it was going to go down. It was peaceful and smooth until the clock hit 12, then the worst happened. None of the jumia pages was loading, then I tried using the mobile app and had no luck either, I believed it was an error in my network connection so I tried loading a different website on another tab and it went loaded smoothly.
It got to a point when I got an error message whenever I tried loading the Jumia website telling me to check the spelling and try again.

I headed to konga and I could barely notice any difference in price, it was almost as if nothing was going on.
The only price slashes I saw were mostly fashion products.

This was my black friday experience, how was yours?

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

New Subscription Codes For BBLITE And BBMIDI

New Subscription Codes For BBLITE And BBMIDI
BB10's BBLITE subscription has become one of the most used subscription for Android users.
Lately However, I noticed that a lot of people are having problems activating it, when you Dail the code it would say 'system error' and when you trying sending the message you don't get a reply.

The reason for this is that MTN has updated the subscription code for BBLITE plan.

The old codes for bblite subscription are;
  • *216*7# daily N70
  • *216*9# weekly N350
  • *216*10# monthly N1000

New BBLITE subscription codes

N70 daily

N350 Weekly


New Subscription Codes For BBMIDI

15MB daily

125MB weekly

500MB Monthly

That's all....

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Arrives Android One Devices, Is HOT 2 Next?

The infinix hot 2 is one of the most widely accepted mobile phones in Nigeria, one of its major selling points besides the fact that its really cheap is the constant system updates it receives.
The infinix hot 2 is an android one device hence, it is expected to run the latest android version available.
Since the official launch of the android marshmallow 6.0 all android one users including our very infinix hot 2 started waiting earnestly for the major upgrade.
Since the release of android marshmallow 6.0 there has been a few minor upgrade on the infinix hot 2 which mainly consisted of bug fixes getting the device ready for an android marshmallow 6.0 upgrade .

Since November, Google has started a secret, low-profile 6.0 upgrade for nexus and android one devices.

infinix hot 2 6.0 update
infinix hot 2 marshmallow 6.0 update

Judging by some signs there's going to be large scale roll out of android 6.0 marshmallow to android one devices which might include the famous infinix hot 2.

To all infinix hot 2 users, start getting ready as a major android marshmallow 6.0 might be hitting your device sooner than you expected.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Infinix Hot Note's Screen Is Actually Breakable

For almost five months now, I have been using the infinix hot note and I've got to say, it's a really impressive device.

 Back in June earlier this year, a youtuber Ahmed LY released a nail test video for the infinix hot note. In the video, he used the infinix hot note's screen to drive nails into a wooden block.
 After seeing this video, so many people believed that the infinix hot note had an unbreakable screen, I wanted to do my own test but I didn't want to hurt 'my baby'.
If you haven't seen the video,  you can view it below;

Last week, I performed an 'accidental' drop test and the outcome was not so good.

As you can see in the picture above, the screen was wrecked!
 So, if you believe that your infinix hot note screen is unbreakable, think again.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Android Blackberry Priv Now Available On Slot NG

The blackberry priv is the company's first android device and their 'supposed' messiah.

For months now, the blackberry priv is one of the most anticipated and most talked about mobile phone of the year 2015 as a whole.

blackberry priv price in Nigeria

The blackberry priv officially launched on 9th of November and it received some applauds and some criticism which is normal every newly released mobile phone.
 Yesterday, i got a tip from someone stating that the blackberry priv was available for sale on Slot NG. I checked it out and indeed I saw it selling for N215,000. Check it out here on slot.

Below are some of the key specifications of the blackberry priv;

  • OS -  Android 5.1.1

  • Display - 5.4inch

  • Resolution - 1440 x 2560 pixels (544 ppi)

  • Chipset - Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808

  • RAM - 3GB

  • Internal Memory - 32GB expandable by SD card up to 2TB

  • Camera - 18MP back camera with dual-LED flash; 5MP front camera

  • Battery - 3,410mah non-removable battery

  • Now, after seeing the key specifications of the blackberry priv do you think its worth its price or is it a bit over-priced(you can get the iphone 6s for a slightly cheaper price)?

    Saturday, 21 November 2015

    A New Cheap Pepsi Android Device Coming Soon

    The smartphone market seem to be a hot cake these days and Pepsi also wants to have a bite of that cake.

    Last month, there were rumors of a Pepsi branded Android phone launching in China but I didn't write anything about it because I don't want to write to write something that might end up being false.

    It's official now, Pepsi is launching a cheap Android phone with impressive specs.

    The Pepsi P1 has a 1080p screen, a sleek aluminium body, 2GB RAM and also a fingerprint sensor all these for just $200 which is N40,000 approx.

    New Pepsi Android Device

    Pepsi P1 Specs

    • Android Lollipop 5.1 (Dido OS 6.1 custom UI)
    • 5.5in 1080p 2.5D display
    • 2GB RAM
    • 16GB Internal Memory Expandable By SD card
    • 3000mah Battery
    • 1.7GHz Octa-core MediaTek processor
    • Mali 450-MP4 GPU
    • Fingerprint Sensor
    • 13MP back camera
    • 5MP front camera

    The phone isn't 'really' produced by Pepsi, it was made by Shenzhen Scooby communication equipment Co.
    Finally, the phone is only expected to launch in China.


    Thursday, 19 November 2015

    Infinix Note 2 Confirmed Specs And Official Images

    Earlier this month, I told you about the arrival of a new Infinix Device called the Infinix Note 2 aka Big6.
    In the previous post, I didn't include the specifications of the device because at that time there weren't confirmed yet.
    In today's post however, I would be listing some of the major specs of the Infinix Note 2 and also some official images of the Infinix Note 2

    The Infinix Note 2 is said to be running on Android 5.1 Lollipop probably upgradable to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
    The Infinix Note 2 would be a 6 inch device and would pack a 4000mah non-removable battery with super fast charge: 15 mins charge, 8 hours usage.
    The Infinix Note 2 would spot an impressive 13MP back camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

    Below are some of the official images of the Infinix Note 2;

    Infinix Note 2 specs

    Infinix Note 2 Confirmed Specs

    Infinix Big6 specs

    Infinix Note 2 Leaked specs

    Infinix Note 2 launch date

    The Infinix Note 2 is set to launch on November 27th which is Black Friday hopefully there will be a price slash for it too.