Sunday, 18 June 2017

Update On Wallet fortune - It's Been Over Two Months Now

Earlier this year, I got hired by a group to promote a peer-to-peer donation platform that they wanted to launch.
Initially, I was skeptical not being a fan of ponzi but on a second thought I agreed and helped them to promote the website.


After all the hard work, the platform finally launched on March 28th and being one of the promoters, I decided to take part in it.

I sowed a reasonable, loosable amount and in exactly 14 days I got a 100% return on my investment, immediately I sowed again and again I got my returns, and I'm still being paid till now 18/06/2017 then I realized that I had promoted a sincere platform not one of these hit n run websites.

On that note, I advise all my wonderful readers to go and get registered on WALLET Fortune, we all need that extra cash.

How does walletfortune work?

As Mentioned earlier, Wallet fortune pays 100% in 14days with 20% Recommittment on your investments.
That is, if you Sow 20K you're supposed to get 40k but 20% of that 40k which would be deducted as Recommittment.
However, the 20% doesn't just disappear like that, it gets added to your next reaps.

Walletfortune pays

Walletfortune pays

How does walletfortune work
How does walletfortune work

Immediately you register for wallet fortune (WAFO) you'd be matched to pay 10% of your total investment, this is to show you're indeed serious so as so keep off fake accounts.

After paying the 10%, you'd be matched again anytime within your 14days maturity period to complete the 90% payment.

Then on the 14th day, you click on the reap fortune button and you get matched to get paid.

As easy as that.

To register for this wonderful platform, click here.

You can drop your questions in the comment section below!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

FIDELITY DAIL4CASH: Withdraw From ATM Without Your ATM Card

Yesterday, I found myself in a position that I didn't like at all! CASHLESS!

How did that happen? Well I went to buy some stuffs at Ikeja and I got so carried away with the spending that I spent everything I had on me down to my transport fare forgetting I didn't take my ATM card along with me.

When I realized what had happened, I almost went carzy but then I remembered that I saw something like "Cardless Withdrawal" in some of the messages I received from FIDELITYSMS and I decided to give it a try since I had no other choice.

Long story short, I successfully got cash from the ATM without my ATM card and everybody at the ATM gallery looked at me like a magician....little did know

Belows are steps I took to withdraw from the ATM without my card

  • First dial *770*1# on your phone
  • Select DIAL4CASH by replying 4
  • Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw
  • Next you'd be required to select a one-time 4 digit pin...Be sure to remember it
  • Now enter your INSTANT BANKING PIN
  • After selecting the 4-digit pin, you 'd be sent a CASH OUT CODE..It an 8-14 digit code
Now you've gotten all you need to perform the head to the ATM
      cardless withdrawal doesn't work on all ATMs
      If You are using the *770# Instant Banking service for the first time, you will be required to register by dialing *770#.
fidelity bank cardless withdrawal
  • When you reach the ATM, just press the ENTER/PROCEED button or press any button
  • A menu should appear, Select Quickteller Cashout or DAIL4CASH or PayCode Cashout from the menu
  • You'd be required to enter your CASHOUT code, Enter it carefully
  • Then you'd be required to enter your One-time 4 digit code
  • Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw, make sure it's the same as before
  • Click proceed and you should hear that sound that everybody loves coming from the ATM.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Gmail For Android Gets New Anti-Phishing Security Features

Google recently started rolling out new updates for Gmail users on Android, this new update helps keep you safe from phishing attacks.

"When you click on a link in a suspicious message, Gmail will show a warning prompt helping you keep your account safe," the company explains. Here's a screenshot of the warning prompt:

Anti-phishing for gmail

While not all affected emails are necessarily dangerous, I encourage you to be extra careful when clicking on links in messages that you’re not sure about.

Also, beware of the kind of attachments you download from your emails.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lagos State Government To Relocate Computer Village To Katagowa

Computer Village needs no introduction as pretty much every Nigerian has either done business there, been there or heard about the popular Tech market.

 Recent development suggests that the market as we know it might be moved as the Lagos State Government in a series of tweets confirmed the relocation of Computer Village to ICT Park, Kantangowa in Agbado/Oke-Odo Area.

P.S - This isn't the first time the Lagos State Government is discussing a relocation plan, the screenshot below dates back to 2013.
computer to be moved to katangowa
However, judging by the recent actions by the Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, it is quite possible that the relocation might come sooner than expected.

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The stated reasons for relocation includes;
  • Need to control environmental degradation
  • Housing stock deficit
  • and traffic congestion in the Ikeja axis.
Note that the Katangowa market is quite bigger than the current Computer Village, as the market covers about 26 hectares of land. However, it's setting is quite disorganized with most of the traders dealing in second-hand clothes A.K.A Akube.

Anyways let's see how thing unfolds, though its quite favorable for because Katangowa is way closer to me than Ikeja.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Proof That WALLETFORTUNE Really Pays

Before going ahead to spread the good news that WALLETFORTUNE brings, I want to take a little time out to sincerely apologize for the silence on the blog.
Some personal issues have been keeping crazy busy these days.

Hope I'm forgiven??😉😉

Let's get down to the business of the day...
Since I posted the last regarding WALLETFORTUNE, I've gotten a couple people asking if it's really paying and sadly due to break, I've been unable reply them but today i'd be showing proofs that walletfortune really pays.

Though this is not something I'd do on a regular day, but today I'd be sharing a screenshot of my transaction history.



Note that WALLETFORTUNE has been operating for over two months now.
If you're ready to join WALLETFORTUNE, click here to begin.

Join the telegram group

Update: 3rd June 2017 and still paying

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Lets Talk About 08030004900 - The Number That's Killing People

Since last week we’ve heard of stories of people jumping into Lagos Lagoon for some unknown reasons and people quickly attributed the multiple suicide to this number 08030004900 calling people.

Since then I have received various warning messages across whatsapp and Facebook telling me not pick whenever the number calls. But trust me to be stubborn as always...the alledged killer number called me and i picked but was disappointed to hear the regular MTN promotional rubbish.

killer number
I recently logged on to Nairaland and saw a story about someone who received call from the number and died. Check it out below;
Nollywood script writer, director & producer Chike Bryan Nnamani, a father of five, has died after he received a call from home while on his way to work, suddenly developed a stroke and died hours later after he was admitted at Lagos State Teaching hospital.

What You Should Know About 08030004900
  • The number 08030004900 is an MTN Nigeria number used for promotions
  • Its mtn short code. Instead of calling with 4900, they call with a regular looking number
  • It’s only meant for marketing purposes only, hence can't be called
  • 4900 is a short code used by MTN for their caller tunez promotional services and the full digit is is 08030004900
  • This number doesn't kill people
  • People who jumped into Lagos lagoon did that for reasons known to them, so sad we can't ask them now.
A friend even said he received a call from the number and when he picked, he heard INCANTATIONS...Can you believe that?? Couldn't help but laugh..

Stop spreading rumors all over, no sorcery attached to that number.

Get 100% More Cash Or 120% More Bitcoin With WALLETFORTUNE

After much waiting, WALLETFORTUNE has finally been launched.
A few weeks back, I posted an article about Walletfortune a reliable peer-to-peer donation program that's offers 100% more cash or 120% more BTC on every donation.

For the past few weeks, the team has been working endlessly and tlrelessly to make sure the system is stable and lasts a long period of time.
After all the work, the platform finally launched on 27th so we can all start making money from WALLETFORTUNE.

To begin, Click here and input your details.

If you have any questions or complaints, use the comment boX below.

Join the telegram group here

Update: 3rd June 2017 and still paying

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Whatsapp Working On A Feature That Allows Businesses To Chat With Users Directly

According to Reuters, WhatsApp is testing a new chat system that would allow businesses to chat with users directly, this feature has never been offered before on any other platform, and it is also a way for WhatsApp to start making money from its service.

Whatsapp business chat

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For those that might not be pleased with this new development, WhatsApp is promising to make sure that businesses cannot use the new feature to spam you.

The report claims that the feature is still in its early stages, so the launch date is unknown for now.

Become A Manager(Guider) On Wallet Fortune Now!

Hello guys, if you remember a post I recently posted about "Walletfortune the Best Ponzi Scheme" that's about to be launched.
In the post, I told you that the Managers form(Guiders Form) which allows you to get referral bonuses from three-generation of participants would be released soon.

Wallet Fortune manager
I'm so happy to inform you that the Manager's Form(Batch A) has been released and I seriously advice you to pick up the form immediately and seal your spot as a manager because the form will only be available for a limited period of time.

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Do you wish to earn unlimited bonuses from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation downlines? Kindly visit the links below to become a Manager on this amazing platform which will be launching soon. Do it now to avoid 'Had I known...'.⏳

WALLETFORTUNE Managers Form (BATCH A) Filled Up❌❌❌

Update: If you missed the manager's form, don't fret you can still be a manager on this great platform just register on walletfortune today and get up to 20 referrals.

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Next Tecno Camon Might Come With Four Camera

Tecno Camon decvices are all camera-dedicated devices, starting from the Camon C8 down to the recent Camon C9.

The Camon C9 camera was ground breaking and for sure, Tecno would want to step it up with the next Camon device. Whatever it is, I'm sure it is going to be really amazing.
According to rumors I'm hearing, the next Tecno Camon device MIGHT come with 4 Cameras(2 Camera at the front and 2 at the back) all 16MPs. And that's not all, it MIGHT also come with 4 LED flash.

P.S: Notice the emphasis I placed on the MIGHT, its still unsure.
tecno camon c10
I wonder what we'd be needing 4 cameras and 4 flash lights for...That will definitely stress out the battery, it will need a super-battery to back it up.